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Heather M

We miss you too. Are you enjoying writing things out? I've always thought writing would be very therapeutic ( I could apologize and thank all the people I never got a chance to apologize to and thank in real life, make sense of my thoughts, etc...) however I am crap at keeping a diary and never get started.


It has been helpful to write things out - and as things are stabilizing I'm finding I have done less (also the guilt on NOT writing posts is pretty much stupid but I still feel bad and start to avoid it!) but I have thought about making it a daily thing. Turns out that my thinking is best done outside of my brain, and so I either have to talk about it (not very helpful when your daily people are no longer around because of timezones) or write it down. I would say try it! I've got several dead blogs under my belt - mayhaps this one will survive! I'm writing a post RIGHT NOW just because of you. xo lady. Miss you LOTS.

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